#’s and SEO’s

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the efforts placed into generating highly trafficked  and easily searchable websites. Websites that are easily found from various search engines, such as google or bing always generate more traffic. If websites aren’t getting enough hits as is, they can also do paid searches, also known as PPC, or pay-per-click. The PPC’s do generate more traffic, but not in an organic manner, so many of the users won’t spend much time on their website.

According to BlackBoxSocialMedia, “Meta tags do allow a web designer the ability to control how their web pages are described by some search engines, provide some SEO benefit, and they also offer the ability to prevent pages from being indexed at all.” Meta tags used to be the only way to gain SEO’s for a website, but it has since progressed to everything from writing content with a lot of keywords, to linking the website to diverse social media platforms. 

Geotagging is simply what it sounds like. Tagging yourself at a geographical location. Social mediums such as Instagram and Facebook have “check-in” features that allow individuals to tag themselves at a certain location. The biggest geotagging platform is foursquare. Businesses give users the ability to check in at their location for incentives such as discounts. 

This info graphic demonstrates the ongoing phenomenon of SEO’s. As new technology is released, such as google analytics, SEO’s have to evolve to incorporate it. SEO’s are a very smart business tool to utilize, and should be monitored by all businesses who are looking to grow their company-especially if they are looking to strengthen their entire online presence, not limited to social media.