Thank You & Please Blog Safely.

Blogging is an interesting way for people around the world to connect. The risky part is that there are many cyber creeps. To help protect yourself, as well as those featured on your blog, here are a few precautions to take. 

+If your blog is public, only post information about yourself that you want everyone online to find out about. 

It can be really hard to refrain from spilling everything online, but do yourself and everyone else a favor and keep things vague. You never know who is watching. 

+Make sure you know who is commenting on your blog, as well as who is blogging about you. 

You have the ability to control the comments that are posted to your blog. Make sure to review them periodically and remove the ones that are distasteful or irrelevant. It is also important to search your name and view the information that others have posted about you online.  

+Be extra cautious about meeting up with someone you met online

There are many bloggers who have successful meetings, and gain lifelong friendships. However, this is not always the case. Things can take a turn for the worst quickly, so be sure to do extensive research and meet in a high-traffic area if a meeting is to take place. 

+Blogging Anonymously? Be sure to hide your IP address too 

Blog from an anonymous network Tor, so that blogging networks can’t track your IP address and see which computer your are blogging from, and where it is located. 

Following these tips, and taking extra caution before you put information of any kind online will keep you and all those involved on your blog safe!

Happy Blogging! 




Classroom Blogging

After observing the activity on over five different educational blogs, I have learned a lot about the significant impact they can have on a classroom. I had always viewed blogs as a ways for adults to interact, generally through life-updates, or learning a skill. These blogs mentioned things such as classroom activities, homework helps, and even updates on the class pet!

I observed a librarian’s blog as well, which was fascinating. She had posted links to download-ables, research help, and book recommendations. She also did an entire segment on bullying, and how to put an end to it.

 Blogs are a great way for educational interactions to take place, especially for parents to interact with their children’s teachers. It’s extremely important for communication to be open between children and their parents about the environment at school. Blogs can be an excellent resource for these interactions to take place. 


Blogs observed: