Technically speaking…”text messaging” is completed through an app.

The camera on your phone…is an app.

No matter which platform you are using, the various functions of your phone, tablet, or other electronic device wouldn’t be possible without apps. 

The apps I want to focus on are technically the stuff of dinosaurs…apps for computers. 

Apps for computers have been around about as long as the floppy, and we don’t even want to think back that far.

When Apple released the app store for OS X Mountain Lion, they changed everything for computers. There is no such thing as a box and disk combo for downloads, it’s all done seamlessly through the app store. The best part? Updates are also downloadable, so you will always have the best version of your apps.

All apps in the Mac app store go through extensive research and testing before they become available to the public. This is great to ensure security, but may also cut out a large majority of the apps that could be available. offers some advice on how to get around it. They mention finding your favorite apps through the app store and searching the name of the creator…their website may have some gems for you to download. They also recommend searching for their apps with the word “review” directly behind it, to get some third-party opinions. 

One of the users on MacWorld recommended 

as useful resources for finding Mac software.

If more expensive and extensive software is needed, offer daily deals on high-rated software. 

Jordan Merrick, in his article The Complete Guide to the Mac App Store, comments, “The Mac App Store is part of the same ecosystem as iTunes and as a result your iTunes gift cards you received over the holidays can be used on purchases from either iTunes, the App Store for iOS or the Mac App Store!”

 I think that all of this is very true. As an avid Mac user, I am excited to watch the evolution of the App Store, and see how PC companies try to compete with it. 





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