Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. LinkedIn. Instagram. Flickr. YouTube. Foursquare. 

What do all of these websites/apps have in common? They connect people. They are all social media platforms that were created with the purpose of allowing people to share and connect with others. 

If they all have the same underlying purpose, why are there so many different options?

Breaking it down:

Facebook is one of the crown jewels of social media. Many social media outlets converge on facebook. For example, many people are syncing their twitter, instagram, pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles with their facebook account. Why? Convenience mostly. It’s a way to keep all followers/friends/acquaintances simultaneously informed. 

Social media is the main news source for over 1/3 of adults under the age of 30.  When events such as the Colorado shooting, or Coach Anderson leaving Utah State occur, its a way for an ongoing conversation to unfold as information is released. 

Social media has also changed permanently changed politics. According to The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management/ORI survey, “nearly two-thirds of voters reported that political information on social media was either higher quality or on par with traditional media outlets.” 

This info graphic breaks down social media, and the lasting effects it can have:


The fact that 49% of Americans have heard “breaking news” that turned out to be false is horrifying. There are many hackers and others with harmful intent that could damage the reputation of an individual or business. In order to avoid such damaging information, social media outlets must be monitored at all times, especially for celebrities or international businesses. Damage control can be accomplished by responding multiple times through all social media outlets with the same message. Another idea would be to engage in conversation on social media outlets, giving your audience the opportunity to ask questions. 

Social media is not a trend or fad. It is a mainstay in our society, and needs to be recognized as not only a way to socialize, but also as a business asset and news source. 



2 thoughts on “Platforms

  1. This is so true! And in regards to hearing breaking news on social media sites, I even check multiple platforms to verify, leading to even more social media usage!

  2. Social media is the main news source for over 1/3 of adults under the age of 30? That is kind of crazy because before all we had were the news websites. People still plug in the actual website but a ton of my friends hear of global news from Twitter and Facebook. Great post!

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